· For every 25 students registered, an Ambassador receives $100 (up to 5 times)

· Priority access to new features within the app

· For every 500 students registered, an Ambassador receives $1000



Ambassadors are key players at SquareOne. As an ambassador, you’ll join in at the ground level of one of the most innovative startups in the world, receive a buzz-worthy resume builder, and redeem awesome rewards for using SquareOne with your friends.

You might be asking yourself, "what do ambassadors actually do?"

Ambassadors use SquareOne with their friends and earn Ambassador Perks for spreading it around campus.

They have priority access to new features within the app, access to our product managers for direct user feedback, and real start-up experience at the ground level.

We’ll never ask you to hand out flyers or set up tables on campus!



· Club Involvement on Campus

· Leadership

· Networking Experience



Who qualifies as a good SquareOne Brand Ambassador?

· A student who is interested in the world of fast growing startups

· A leader who is well-connected throughout their campus community

· Someone who is ambitious and looking for an innovative way to build a business